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Attacking your Data… A History Lesson

The words “big data” have been thrown around quite a bit in the last couple years. As much as we would like to understand the value of data, there is only one true measure… is it actionable data? In other words, can you use the data to increase your sales or service business. This report is a great example of how valuable data is if it is used properly. The sad but simple truth is most auto dealers don’t have this information. To positively impact behavior, you need to establish a baseline and have a true understanding of the best practices that allow you to truly #attack your data. Can you answer the question ~ How many of the customers you sold last month were already in your database? If you knew that 50% of the customers you sold last month were already customers you “owned” in your database, how would you respond? Would you pat yourself on the back and say, we did great or would you say, how can we nurture our database and move the needle?

How many of your sales last month came from customers already in your database?

Old Autobase Data Value Report

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