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Getting to know the Man Behind the Curtain

The mysterious great and powerful had the citizens of OZ held captive. Who is your man behind the curtain? Do you know what they do? Could you easily replace them if you wanted to? In most dealerships the IT staff can sometimes feel “all powerful.” You must take the necessary steps to manage this department or person correctly.

As a starter, have your lead IT staff create a job description and task list for each person in their department. If one person manages all things IT, it is IMPERATIVE that you start with a simple list of the tasks they complete daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Also make sure they have identified all data that under their “ownership” and you have identified the process in which it is getting backed up.

For additional steps on how to manage this critical area of your dealership, please feel to contact me and I can share a simple 5 step plan that gives you total control of the man behind the curtain.

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